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About Us

Hey There!


My name is Jo & I am the creator of Legends Not Ladies.
The brand has been inspired by a picture I saw recently while scrolling through Instagram (as you do!)


Sara Blakely, the billionaire founder of Spanx was wearing a hat that said ‘Don’t Be a Lady, be a Legend’.


I loved it!


On further investigation I found it was a quote by a Legend in her own right - Stevie Nicks, singer, songwriter & most awesome vocalist for Fleetwood Mac.


As it happened I was looking for an outlet for my passion for female empowerment and so went looking for a domain that suited and was born!


As a female entrepreneur myself, a Mum of a 13 year old girl and a world traveller, I am also the creator of A blog & brand dedicated to helping action takers build lifestyle businesses you can run from anywhere in the world.


It is not only my goal to empower men & women the world over to experience life as it’s meant to be lived; master of your own destiny, captain of your own ship, but along my travels I have met many ‘Legends’ in their own right, building small businesses making and selling bags, jewelry, scarves etc, endeavoring to transform the lives of themselves, their children & their villages.


That’s why I am a huge supporter of something called micro-lending. Defined as the lending of small amounts of money to women in poverty stricken countries with no capital or access to traditional financing.


These lady legends are working every day to provide a better life for their families and for as little as $25 per loan we can help.


It shouldn’t be only us that have the opportunity to take responsibility for our lives and our future. That luxury should be available to everyone the world over.


I have set up a lending team with a reputable long standing micro finance company and 10% of all profits made on this website are invested in incredible women across the world changing their lives.


I say invested because that’s the best part of micro lending. The money gets paid back with interest, which means you continue to relend more and more and don’t just help one person with one donation, you potentially reach thousands as your money gets reinvested & reinvested time and again.


You can find out more about my lending team and here -


Not only that but my long term goal with this website is to source and sell the products made by these incredible women thereby promoting their wares to the world!


I’ll keep you posted.


In the meantime thank you so much for being a Legend!


I hope you love our products, wear them with confidence and announce to the world ‘I am a Legend!’ - because you are.


Thanks so much for your support.


Jo :)